Frequently Asked Questions

Some major changes for our program as a result of Covid 19

  • Running more outdoor training sessions - maintaining social distancing between participants and staff.
  • Indoor Sessions
    • Smaller Session Sizes, personal training space - maintain social distancing throughout workout
    • Sanitizing the studio and equipment before and after sessions
    • Installed Air Cleaners and UV purifiers
    • Staged Client entry and exit (masks required)
    • No equipment sharing.

If you have additional questions please reach out to us at 781-325-9096

Address: 329 Centre Ave, Rockland, MA 02370<< CLICK FOR GOOGLE MAP >>

We are located just east of the Target in Abington

Phone: 781-325-9096

Text: 781-808-3450

email: [email protected]

Please contact us if you have further questions

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We offer over 30 sessions per week.

At Fit Body Boot Camp, we are a coaching and results oriented program.  Our training sessions are fun and exciting (people have described them as being addicting), but working out is just one part of the equation.

Get started with our 5-Day Metabolic Jump Start (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS AND TO REGISTER). Within that program you will have a link to set up a goal setting conversation.

We will begin New clients with a No-Obligation 28-Day Trial program to ensure it is a good fit for you and is aligned with your desired outcomes.

Please note, we offer new client trials throughout the year. These offers allow you to experience what our program has to offer, but are available to New Clients and Local Residents Only. Offers/Trials are limited to only one program per person per year.

Offers, Groupons, trials, discounts etc.. cannot be combined or stacked.

Our boot camp sessions are small group trainings (approximately 8 people per session).  You have the flexibility to join any session time that is convenient for your schedule.

Looking for more individualized training?

We now offer 1:1 and partner training throughout the day (by appointment).

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Clearly the cost is one of the first questions many people ask.

I get it, we all have budgets that we have to live with and within. Often what I find though, is people ask about price first, but what the real question is; "Can you help me solve my problem?"

And what that boils down to is Why is getting in shape, losing weight, being healthier important to you?

Our program is designed to help our clients get amazing results by working directly with our Coaches both on and off the floor. That is what I hope to resolve for you and get you an amazing program, that delivers the results you are after at an affordable price.

We are not your typical gym, but we are also not as expensive as personal training or weight loss clinics. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost relative to the accountability, training and support you receive from our team.

Click Here to Access our Program and Pricing Guide.

Yes! Our Coaches are exceptionally skilled at modifying the workout for any fitness level so you are guaranteed a great workout that is both fun and effective, EVERY TIME!

Check Out some of Our Client Results - See For Yourself.


We absolutely want you back with us to be part of our Fit Family. So, here is the deal, if it has been more than 12-months since your last session, then YES! You are good to go with another promotion/trial. However, if it has been more recent, then let's chat about next steps for you, it is my mission to help set you up for success.

Best bet, let's get you started with a workout and we can chat about your on-going goals. Click here to set up a training session.

A large factor in the results you get (or fail to achieve) will have to do with what you eat every day. Now, I know you don't need me, or anyone else for that matter, to tell you that broccoli is good for you and you should eat more whole foods and vegetables. A big focus for our program is helping you make eating healthy EASIER than eating unhealthy. We do this through mindset and habit as well as sharing knowledge. Below are just a few of the common nutrition questions we get.

How much prepping to I have to do? Do you cook now? If so then it won’t seem that different. Yes there is prep involved, usually two times a week (Sunday and again Wednesday or Thursday. Being prepared is the key to success, even when you don’t have the time to be in the kitchen. Grab a copy of my FREE Meal Prep Guide, CLICK HERE

Do I need to count calories? If that is what works for you. For some counting calories is easy and motivating, for others it is a chore they do for a day or two. The portions and combinations of foods we suggest keep you in the range you should be in. I provide my clients with a monthly recipe book and sample meal plans each week to make it as easy as possible.

Can I have coffee?  Yes, ideally you want to have coffee and not some coffee flavored dessert drink.  So, have your first cup the way you like it.  Use real cream, use real sugar, avoid the artificial stuff.  Treat yourself to one, and go with just black coffee for your second cup.

How do I know my serving size?  The most accurate way of course is to weigh everything.  That of course can be tedious and time consuming.  So here is the protocol I suggest to my clients.

- Veggies are unlimited

- Protein the size of your fist

- Fats about the size of your thumb

- Carbs, what will fit in the palm of your hand.

As a client, I will put together a sample profile for you that aligns with you, your lifestyle and your goals.

Can I drink alcohol?  Count it.  Think of alcohol as a speed bump on your path to your desired outcome.  It won't stop you, but it will slow you down.  Everything in moderation is usually a good call, but if you want to reach your outcome sooner, take as many speed bumps out of your way as possible.

What about Shakes?  Protein shakes are hard to beat in terms of supplementing your protein intake and of course the convenience factor. As a general rule, avoid the proteins with artificial color, sweeteners and flavors.  Also, keep in mind that every time you add something to the shake, you increase the sugar and calories. If you make one with 1 tsp of real peanut butter or ½ and avocado, it’s become more of meal. As much as possible, the goal should be getting your nutrition from real foods as much as you can.

How often do I weigh myself? ONCE A WEEK! The scale can be cruel, we love using the Fit3D Proscanner as it shows the inches and body composition numbers.  Another great gauge of course is how your clothing fits and how you feel.

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