This may be the #1 problem most dieters face. 

Weekends are notorious for crushing the hopes and dreams of the most committed dieters.  

All week you are on your nutrition game.  You watch what you eat, avoid drinking alcohol and manage the your schedule so you stay on point……and then the weekend comes… 

You allow yourself some “off-limits” foods, which cascades into a seeming free for all, causing you to have to “start over” on Monday. 

Since you weren’t “good” over the weekend, you decide you are going to over restrict to make up for your weekend, which tends to lead to an even more out of control situation the following weekend…. sound familiar?

Aside from the food, the more critical aspect of this cycle is that it slowly erodes your self-confidence, self-worth, and makes you wonder why you even bother. 

How do I know? 

That was my life for most of my late teens into my late 30s.  

But I am here to tell you, I have recovered from my weekend overeating and no, I didn’t have to go to WOA (weekend overeating anonymous). 

I found a different way. It’s called not restricting yourself during the week. When you can eat the foods you love and enjoy, foods that would normally be “off-limits” during the week, you don’t have to go crazy on the weekend.

It’s about having a sustainable approach with your nutrition and breaking away from the typical rules of dieting that are so ingrained in our society. 

When you break away from these rules, you experience what we call food freedom. 

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