Today, I want to talk to you about a serious topic that affects so many people trying to diet and lose weight.

Oftentimes, when people try to diet, they become obsessed and put rules and limits on everything, which leaves them counting down the seconds until the diet is over.   

We lovingly call this being psycho… 

We are here to tell you that you can lose weight and get amazing results, without being a psycho. 

Your diet must have some fundamental principles in place, and you do need to be consistent, but you do not need to be obsessed and center your life around what you are going to eat every day. 

  • What if you could lose weight and enjoy the journey?
  • What if you could still have a life?
  • What if you could learn to be able to have a night out with your friends and stay on track? 

If you would like to learn to have your fitness and nutrition support your lifestyle and not feel like your fitness and nutrition plan is your life, then you need to check out our program (Click here to Reserve your spot 100% Risk Free). We offer a coaching and lifestyle program focused on nutrition and movement (both in studio and home workouts) designed for beginner to intermediate fitness levels.

Our program is designed to provide you everything you need to get results like Olga and Michelle without feeling like a psycho. 🙂









As a side note… Mental health is a real issue, and this is not to make light of it. But if you have ever struggled with what is stated in this email, you know what I am talking about.


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