The enemy of the fitness industry is not another gym.
  • Our enemy is obesity
  • Our enemy is depression
  • Our enemy is diabetes
  • Our enemy is heart disease
  • Our enemy is high blood pressure
  • Our enemy is high cholesterol
  • Our enemy is low energy
  • Our enemy is low self-confidence
  • Our enemy is low self-esteem
  • Our enemy is lack of self-belief
  • Our is enemy is poor body image
  • Our enemy is a failed diet industry
When it comes to your fitness find a routine that has you moving on a regular basis.
The best option is what will allow you to be consistent.
The name of the business doesn’t matter, the length of the workouts doesn’t matter, the structure of the workouts doesn’t matter…if it doesn’t allow you be consistent.
When it comes to losing weight/losing fat a majority of your results will come from what you eat and behavior modification, not how many calories you burn #truth
If someone isn’t seeing results 9.9 out of 10 it comes down to your nutrition and daily habits.
At Fit Body we are committed to being the best 30 minutes of our clients day, creating a fitness community second to none, and supporting our clients in their fitness journey.
That will never change and with so many gyms going out of business our enemy is getting stronger and the fitness industry is getting weaker.
We won’t stop, our enemy is working around the clock with no end in sight.
No matter where you workout, no matter what your fitness looks like, I am rooting for you on your fitness journey.
If you made it to the end of this please comment below 🙂.
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