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Jump Starting your metabolism equals a big jump start for your health and wellness!

You benefit with more energy … more vitality … stronger, sculpted muscles … and a body that radiates health!

At South Shore Fit Body Boot Camp, we believe that a sustainable, holistic approach can give you payoffs that last a lifetime.

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Get started with a No-Obligation 28-Day Trial program to ensure it is a good fit for you and is aligned with your desired outcomes. If you love it, we will ask you to stay on. If not, then we will part friends.  Get started today for just $97 Learn More (CLICK HERE)

Please note, we offer new client trials throughout the year. These offers allow you to experience what our program has to offer, but are available to New Clients and Local Residents Only. Offers/Trials are limited to only one program per person per year.

Offers, Groupons, trials, discounts etc.. cannot be combined or stacked.

If you have trained with us in the last 12-months, we absolutely welcome you back with us to be part of our Fit Family. So, here is the deal, if it has been more than 12-months since your last session, then YES! You are good to go with another promotion/trial. However, if it has been more recent, then let's chat about next steps for you.

It is my mission to help set you up for success.

Let's set up a time to chat about your on-going goals. Click here to schedule a time.

Session Times

Our current schedule is listed below.  You must have an agreement in place and have completed all waivers prior to booking a spot in a training session.

In the event of inclement weather, Back Lot Boot Camp Sessions will be moved indoors and park sessions will be cancelled; these changes will be made the day of and may not be reflected in the schedule listed.

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